Mac vs PC adverts

What really p’s me of about those damn adverts is they’re trying somehow to pretend macs were designed as home computers, not office computers like PC’s.

Which is, let’s face it, a big fat hairy lie; the mac was introduced as a business PC for creatives, right?

As opposed to their “virus” advert, which is merely deeply, deeply misleading. As in implying Mac’s never get viruses. Well, okay, you buy your mac and run it on the interwebs without protection and see if that’s true…

You see, I actually like macs, on the few occasions I’ve used them. And god knows I’m no banner waver for Microsoft, the real target of the adds. But haven’t Apple got enough things to boast about without lies or deceit?


9 thoughts on “Mac vs PC adverts

  1. the mac was introduced as a business PC for creatives, right? Was it? The Lisa certainly was, but the early Macs I knew were pretty useless for that sort of thing, thanks to their all-in-one configurations and tiny monochrome monitors.

    1. Which is, let’s face it, a big fat hairy lie; the mac was introduced as a business PC for creatives, right? Sure, in a time when, in an office, there were “computer guys” and “everyone else”, and “everyone else” included the creatives.

    1. having seen the way they’ve behaved over the last few years, I think Apple have gained more than enough stupid to last a lifetime. I’m sure they think it’s just an extension of their main selling point for the last decade: “We’re not Microsoft”. But please, the mac as the home entertainment PC? And if I think entertainment may include my back catalogue of several hundred PC games?

      1. That’s alright, just load Windoze via bootcamp or as I prefer parallels desktop on your shiny new mac and you can play your games just fine, as fast as a PC. Style and substance.

      2. Sooo, the way to get Mac’s to play a decent number of games is… emulate a horrible old working man’s PC? In it’s shirt and tie? (Now I see “mac” from the adverts hurriedly putting on a shirt and tie… PC: What the hell are you playing at? Mac: I wanted to play some games PC: Right, of course, you’re great at video editing, but if you want to just play Mac (getting very confused with tie); God, help me, how do I set this bit up… PC: Deary me, you never learnt what went on under the hood did you? Mac: Steve Jobs said it would burn my eyes.

  2. I’ve had Macs as home computers for the past 9 years. Never had a virus yet. But I prefer the original US Mac ads, the Mitchell and Webb ads are too, well, Mitchell and Webb. I don’t think I’d know how to use Windows now if I tried.

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