Vortex 9 needz karratz

This will, one day, be the title of something awesome. I may create it myself.

But I have no idea what. Possibly a website, possibly a novel, possibly an album, possibly a band.

But remember, “Vortex 9 needz karratz”


7 thoughts on “Vortex 9 needz karratz

  1. Bloody Robotic Rabbitz. Too stupid to realize they need oilz and not karratz. Either that or it’s a B movie flick title. Vortex 9 is the world where the ancient Egyptians came from (obligitary Stargate reference) that depends on the souls of the departed being put into rodents and used as a ship-based navigation system. 😀

    1. You know, i just googled this phrase, and it is, as yet, unknown to google (although it undoubtedly exists on the net, and comes from something I picked up from my google reader today. Special No-Prize to the first reader to spot the source of “Vortex 9 needz karratz”

      1. That’s deeply weird, as when I google, all it turns up is this LJ.. You are hereby disqualified by dint of admitting the use of Goole. I’ve eaten your no-prize.

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