A couple of things from this story…


1. It’s always a good story when media promoted “experts” are shown to be wrong. Tangentially, this has happened 9/10 times with the big singing talent shows (pop idol, pop stars, American Idol, x-factor), with their winners sinking into obscurity 6 months after winning more often than not (pace Will Young & Girls aloud).

2. What this woman knew that the Dragon’s didn’t can be summed up in two points: 1) she knew what makes a good game sell (understandable theme, localisable / adaptable theme) in mainstream markets and 2) she knew what makes a selling game good (simple mapping of simple rules to simple theme and well defined game strcuture).

Without the latter, the guys who could buy your game (note the first main buyer was Hamleys, who have very, very smart buyers) will not be grabbed, and will see you as an opportunist who thinks they know the market when they don’t. Without the former, you’ve got a hobby game, which may be an excellent game, but will never, ever make you rich.

3. The producers send the contestants in without their business plans, and, in series one, NO IDEA OF WHO THE DRAGONS ARE! So they don’t know who they are pitching to, which is a recipe for disaster. But it’s a good recipe for crap presentations, smug bastards with crappy put downs, and High-Lirrious REALITY TV!


5 thoughts on “A couple of things from this story…

  1. And this is why anyone that ever appears on Reality TV should be voted ONTO an island and left there with all the others so that the rest of us can get back decent programming. There are enough smug arseholes in the world without putting them on the telly on a regular basis. No wonder I don’t watch telly these days.

      1. I stand by the whole appearance versus commisioning. I’m more a “live my life behind the scenes” guy than “present myself on television to the world” guy.

      2. Oh, I understand completely. The problem is that it’s self-perpetuating. Without one there isn’t the other.

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