What I want to say to this person

from the He-uk consult list…

Hi all

I think you are going to find that quite a few people will find it very hard
to have any kind of confidence in a group that didn’t even let anyone know
it was being formed until it was already a fait accompli.

Sure, people can join and influence it *now* – but isn’t this a kind of
blackmail? “This group exists whether you like it or not so join us or risk
being misrepresented” kind of thing? Luckily I am in Scotland so will not be
faced with this unpleasant dilemma (though due to it’s affiliation with
AHed, I no longer feel particularly confident about Schoolhouse either!) but
I really feel for those who are being placed in this position.

I don’t like these tactics and I doubt that I will be in the minority on

In my opinion this was a serious misjudgment and, instead of being the
highly useful umbrella group that it could have been (had it’s founders made
the effort to consult other groups and individuals *before* launching) it
will now risk causing further divisions in the home ed community, thus
hindering it’s own aims.

It may be useful to remember that we should never attempt to build anything
of worth on poor foundations.



Please stop arguing with what the voice in your head says is going on. It is not your friend.

Some people on the mailing list thought a new campaigning etc group was needed.

A couple of them went away and made a wiki and a website (both very very basic as yet).

They then invited people to join and contribute.

And you’re interpreting this as… what? Elitism? Some sort of consipracy?


Love and kises

PS not posted on list, because arguing with the voices in other people’s heads has never led the way to personal happiness for anyone.


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