Slashwood – greatest hits?

So, I was catching up on Torchwood, watched out of time… definitely not bad.

But that’s not what’s really got my attention… because watchign it one name on the credits kind of stood out: Alice Troughton.

Shame on me, I didn’t notice that she’d also directed small worlds, my favourite episode of TW so far.

Sooo.. why should you care? Just put Alice down as “Top notch director”, right?

Well, apart from… she directed me as Polonius in Hamlet longer ago than some folks out there may be alive.

She rocked then, and apparently still rocks now…

As I’ve said before, I really like getting that vicarious feeling of achievement when folks I know (or, let’s be honest, used to know) end up doing top notch stuff…

Off to FR to hunt down her e-mail…

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