Work related woe

Since the festive break, I have been under a near constant assault of idiots. Not simply people chasing work I’ve already done, and told them I’ve done, but then chasing it again a day later then following up by phone. From all over Europe.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am now at the centre of a pan-continental vortex of idiocy, attracting any member of the less-clued community between here and the urals to process their work through me.

I have two possible explanations for this:

a) Ignorance is, despite most definitions, a positive quality, like air. Intelligence, or at least the ability to recognise what is going on around you, is merely the absence of idiocy. Having spent a large chunk of the slow xmas week streaming documentaries off google video, I am now sufficiently well informed to have created an “ignorance vacuum” around my desk, sucking in chunks of stupid to attempt to fill the “ignorance void” created by Richard Dawkins.

b) Conversely, a sufficiently large collection of stupid in one place can create a near infinite density of dumb (dumbularity?), sucking in all other particles of stupid, adding to it and thereby increasing the effect, attracting more ninnies, lackwits and poltroons, at an exponentionally increasing rate.

In support of the latter hypothesis, since xmas I have had a desk calender of bushisms next to my computer.


2 thoughts on “Work related woe

  1. I’m all over the word ‘dumbularity’. It explains so much about so many people/places/things. I think Slashwood, Cardiff, should look into it.

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