Without trying to look cool or cute, tell me this. As honestly as You Can

Which was better, the Sarah Jane Adventures pilot or the Torchwood double bill finale?

I know, I was home alone on NYD. SJA actually got me weepy at a couple of bits, and TW got me… well, laughing or yawning mostly.

Goods bits about SJA;
K9 fixing a black hole IN A SAFE IN SJ’S ATTIC!
SJ defending K9 from the horrible teenager
Samantha Bond & Lis Sladen completely chewing scenery between each other! As much fun, possibly better, than Tony head vs David Tennant.
Mind reading the horrible teenager – very touchingly handled (“She wants to be younger, she wants to be older…”) right up until the crap hollyoaks gag (RTD, see me after class)
SH gets a child, and again gets me teary with “I can be alone… but I don’t want to now”.
Cliche destroyer alert: Single dad shown to be loving and, if not ultra competent, at least not “comically incompetent”.
Again with the Whovian doctrine of not having plans being a virtue; how very British…
Less happy with RTD running the “BIG HUGE CRISIS that everyone rationalises away” story AGAIN!
And is this happening in the same world as TW? Didn’t they notice? A mention would be nice, though problematic for the producers who persumably don’t want to be seen to be cross promoting Scooby Doo: the cardiff sex & violence years to kids (thank you Charlie brooker)

And Torchwood, dear me…

“It is a truth universally portrayed that any attractive guest character in Torchwood shall snog a member of the same sex…” You’ve got predictable about this now. It’s BORING.
We nearly, nearly got an acknowledgement of how fucked up the team have been. But not quite, never mind thousands of corpses littered around cardiff (possibly holding bottles of bouncy bubble beverage), as long as Capt jack comes back from the dead (oh, and useless comedy husband, who Gwen is STILL apparently cheating on with Owen, despite everything), everything’s hunky dory.

And wouldn’t the Torchwood folks know as much as UNIT about the doctor?

And, and, and…. oh gods, let’s face it, it had it’s moments, but it really needs to tighten things up for season two. Please, please by getting as hard as it can be at times (countrycide, frex), and then a bit more. Keep it personal, local and dangerous, leave the “save the world” shit to the doc.

End of season guest appearance in DW leaves Jack disillusioned, disgusted and fucked off with the doc and all he stands for.
Gwens’ husband killed horribly, probably by Owen by accident.
Ianto shows how scary he can be as the guy who “cleans up” after TW.
Tosh learns another expression (I’m blaming the writers and directors here).
Owen swears a lot more. I like him when he starts to look like the Spider Jerusalem of TW. Owen vs the doc would be cool too.
TW get taken over by UNIT. Who are then shown to be puppets of Count Scarloni. (Fangasm)

Jack found in flagrante delicto with K9. This, sadly, is more likely than any of the other items.


5 thoughts on “Without trying to look cool or cute, tell me this. As honestly as You Can

  1. Just watched the episode today, since I was watching Cold Comfort Farm last night, have to agree that the whole of the last TW episode pair was silly even for them – and needlessly messianic at the end. Love the bouncy bubble beverage ref. – trust Captain Jack, Captain Jack is your friend…

    1. … where DID SJ get Mr Smith from…? I don’t know about messianic: with the kiss from the princess, it was more disney. (What’s the difference between bing crosby and walt disney? Bing sings, but walt disnae.) If we’re going to have grown up adventures in the Doctor Who world, let’s have grown up adventures, not barely contained… oh let’s face it, it’s bad slash fiction about a series that was never made. My main objection being that it’s BAD slash and we haven’t seen the series it’s salshin yet…

  2. I haven’t seen TW yet, I’m watching it tonight, but couldn’t resist reading your post anyway. And iIthink that my enjoyment will actually be increased by reading this. Your comment about it being a bad slashfic of a story we haven’t seen yet is pretty on the the money, and sums up a nagging feelingI’ve had about it all along, but was too embroiled in being a Harkness fag hag to accept. Thank you.

    1. Then you are so going to love “Captain Jack”, episode 12: captain jack gettin’ it on with captain jack. There is no other reason for this episode existing.

      1. Rather self-indulgent of RTD. And lucky me. I’m not sure how blashemous it is to surmise that he has resurrected DW and created TW to satisfy his own proclivities…

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