No such thing as an insignificant place…

Well, I live in a village that is little more than a couple of farms, a church and what used to be a schoolhouse. It’s the smallest parish in the diocese of St Asaph, which is about as close to not there as you could get.

Surely no-one could have come from here and been a prime mover in shaping modern international politics?


8 thoughts on “No such thing as an insignificant place…

  1. You’ve inspred me to investigate whether, although I come from a much larger place, it’s world significance is infinitely smaller… Ah, Wikipedia.

      1. As I suspected, nothing of world significance has ever spewed forth from here. Well, nothing that Wikipedia is aware of.

      2. Apart form my greatness, nothing of note has ever been spawned by Great Bromley in Essex. Err, if my elder siblings are reading, remember, you were born in Dagenham. If my younger brother is, errrr, YOU’VE GOT PLAGUE!

  2. My current town has a St. Asaph street — does that count? I personally hail from the thriving metropolis of Effingham, in the state of Illinois, in These United States. Not to be confused with the one in guildford, Surry. “The Truck Stop of the Nation”, as it was known in my youth. Has anyone of note ever sprung from Effingham, Illinois? Not really. The first American woman to graduate from a law school. A major league baseball pitcher. A NASCAR driver. Yippee.

    1. > A major league baseball pitcher. A NASCAR driver. Yippee. In Illinois, that’s frickin’ royalty right there. I mean, I work in Ewloe, which is famous for…. housing the vast proportion of Michael Owne’s family.

      1. You mistake me — St. Asaph street is in my current town, which is Alexandria, in the state of Virginia, a mere paddle of the canoe across the Potomac from Washington DC. The street is in Old Town, which means the street name actually predates Washington DC. (“Old”, for Yanks, generally means something between “Restoration” and “Regency” for Brits.) Alexandria hasn’t to do with mining either — it was strictly a trading center back then.

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