Ranting at the MP

Sooo, I sent a link to yesterday’s article to my MP, and he replied (within an hour, may I add) asking for pointers as to what I wanted him to do.

I replied:

Outside of my general concerns for the workability, necessity and cost to the tax payer of such a scheme, as a home educator I am concerned that this will lead to home educators being forced to put their children through the same round of national curriculum and SAT’s that are among the major reasons for opting out of state education for many home educators.
At present, home educators only need to demonstrate to the education authority that their child is receiving, in the opinion of the education officer, an appropriate education for their abilities. Every family is assessed by a professional at regular intervals, as far as his workload and funding permits.
In the home education community, we are concerned that the every child matters initiative will be used to bureaucratize this process to facilitate the targets mentality that is prevalent in the information presented so far, and lead to a position where our activities are monitored not by professional members of the educaiton community, but by a bureacracy that sees every child in home education as a potential victim of abuse and neglect.
I took my children out of state education partly to stop them being treated as numbers, targets and pawns in bureaucratic games. Every Child Matters may force them back into that role, with myself as score keeper. Please ask the minister what provisions are being made in the every child matters initiative for the families that choose to home educate.
I thank you for your swift response, and look forward to hearing from you.

Can I just say that I’m very impressed by David Jones MP in terms of accessibility and responsiveness?

Less so about the whole “member of the Conservative party” thing, but nobody’s perfect…


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