No, but alcopops are.
No, the police report is not “blaming women” or saying that the accusations of date rape are false because rohypnol was not involved.
It’s saying that “protect your drink” campaigns cause panic about something that rarely happens.
It’s saying, to me, that the binge drinking culture among young women is probably a fair greater contributory factor to “date rape” than rohypnol.
Blaming rohypnol users for rape was, to me, similar to the way the press focusses on “The Paedophiles Out There” without confronting the fact that the vast majority of child abuse takes place within families.
Remember folks, the tenth pint is the bad one, the tenth alcopop has the rohypnol in it.

So, some folks are getting out of their prams because “jedi” followers are demanding parity with other religions.
Please note, unless they have built their own fully functioning light sabres, they cannot claim to be knights, and are merely padawan learners.
But really, why not? Would should christians feel that jedi are not a “proper religion”, when their faith is based on the acts of a legendary character?
At least the muslims have some hefty evidence for the existence of the prophet, whatever you may think of his teachings.
What we have, as ever, is the old religious time prejudice: as an religion becomes older it becomes perceived as being more “true”, or at the least authentic.
As for some of the “jedi spokespeople” I have seen on Sky News today… go back to your cubicle, man, you’re doing your side no favours chucking your cheap ass brown cloak over your working shirt and tie.
Next time, get Samuel L.


One thought on “tales RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES!

  1. Jedi Rights: you know, people like this are the reason I still sometimes feel embarrased to tell people I read science fiction.

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