“Digital music player owners = thieves”: Universal

Yup, thank you once again bOINGbOINg, according to the head of universal music, MP3 players etc are all used for illegal copying of his music, so he should get a cut of the sale of each player, starting with the zune*.

Well, OK, if you look at the numbers, as promoted by droolling idiots and student haters at the PC world marketing department, you can fit, what was it 75,000 mp3’s on their new player.

which at 80p a track on iTunes comes out at…. £60,000 of music on that highly loseable silicon there*

presuming of course that you;re either buying it online, or buying CD’s to rip**

but hang on a minute… how much does Universal get from every sale of DVD burners? or CD burners? or tape decks? or PC’s? or video recorders? or, indeed, any other copying system.

and what about user created music? what about out of copyright audio? If I buy a zune, load it with CC stuff, or even non-universal stuff, do I get a rebate? Does microsoft get a rebate?

but, for me, perhaps more importantly:

How is universal calculating paying this fee to it’s artists?

Because it isn’t, is it?

anyone fancy dropping the universal CEO a line and asking him?

But there’s another question to answer:

Since when did universal have rights to royalties from non-existent products?

because unless they are willing to collect information on how the players are being used, they have NO RIGHTS to any income from pirated material on them.

And they are blackmailing Microsoft plain and simple.

*no, you do not have the right to back it up, burn it or get it back of off any online music seller

** presuming, of course, you haven’t been caught with license breaking anti-ripping crippleware

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