Torchwood episode 4….

… was good.

Despite The titillation factor of “Cyberwoman’s” costume, mature in the right ways.


3 thoughts on “Torchwood episode 4….

  1. I tried watching the first three episodes, and they all left me feeling kind of blah. I click with the new Doctor Who, but I’m starting to wonder how much of that is my love of the show and not the actual writing.

    1. The PeteDarkly guide to Torchie: 1) Blah, silly 2) Pron, silly 3) Slightly silly / hackneyed, but better 4) Both much sillier, but due to ACTUAL DANGER, somewhat better. If it wasn’t associated with Dr Who, I would have abandoned it: already it’s on my “catch it if it’s on” list. And still a lot better than the assault of stupid that is Robin Hood.

      1. That was pretty much my assessment of 1-3. I might give it another try when the first season is done.

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