Study on the economic value of piracy…

TO be precise, on the value of lost income due to piracy.

Not the panic and rush to deny by those who commissioned the report and the guys who probably fought tooth and nail to get the funding to do it from folks who didn’t think through what they were paying for.

Sounds like someone wasn’t used to dealing with statisticians in the reality based community.

Quick note to anyone in an industry that is lobbying based on figures pulled, essentially, from their fundament:


And a note to those complaining about the language of the report that will be “toned down” in the final version:

In my experience, academics don’t usually use the terms used in this report lightly or without evidence.


One thought on “Study on the economic value of piracy…

  1. I was involved, as a professional analyst, in the estimation of the impact of ID cards on IS/JSA fraud and I think we did a good job, and robustly defended our figures. So much so that a Home Office minister said that the case for the impact on fraud had been oversold.

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