We’re Number One!

20% of the worlds CCTV cameras are in Britain!

For every indicator of bad youth behaviour, the UK is top or near the top!

No-one sees the irony here? The great thing was, I didn’t hear or see any news programme linking these two items.

We are the most surveilled nation on Earth. It has not changed or curbed anti-social behaviour by young people in Britain.

Despite the present political will towards greater police powers, greater curbs on privacy, it is obviously not the solution; personally, I think we’re still in the fallout from the 80’s, when many of these kids were born, in the same way the 80’s problems were fallout from the 60’s, which was fallout from the war.

The kids are doing what they’ve learnt from the behaviour of the society they grew up in, which is short term hedonism and consumerism is the only thing worth aiming for, all long term plans are doomed to failure. Having dreams will destroy you.


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