What is it with cows?

Every field with cows in that we passed on the way to work this morning (by the way, a lot. not as many as sheep, but still), all but one of the cows was lying down, and that one was in the middle of the others.

So we were trying to work out what the one in the middle was saying.

“Come on guys… a couple of laps round the field before the milking shed”

“I’ll keep a look out.. CAR! PUT THE CARDS AWAY!”

Kelly cracked me up when we passed the last field, where all the cows were standing; “That’s better… they’re up, they’re dressed…”

Mi Hed Asplode


3 thoughts on “What is it with cows?

  1. That happened in a Far Side comic (or rather, the opposite: The cows were all standing on their hind legs, leaning against the fence talking, and one of them yells out “Car!”, and as the car passes they’re all back down on all fours, and after the car’s gone, they’re back leaning up against the fence). — Ben

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