The Inevitable Torchwood Geek Post

Firstly, Who geek continuity points

1. Captain Jack has been turned into Captain Scarlet by BadWolf Rose? M’kay…
2. Memory going, but was there a knowing “doctor” line in ep 1?
3. How much are we willing to bet that the hand in the jar fell on London around last Christmas?
4. So no-one can see the exit from Torchwood because… the Tardis landed there on top of a space time fault? That’s very silly.

Otherwise, not bad, didn’t suck as badly as I feared it could (see my comments on reviving Dr who last year). nice to see the “mature content” is at various times serious, funny, and sometimes just plain old manky (security man watching couples shagging in bogs while he whacks off, ewwwww).

Quick shout out to anyone better schooled in whovian trivia: what was the veiled reference to the “weird old bloke” in Torchwood 2 in Glasgow? Sylvester McCoy?


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