This post may make me an unlawful comabtant

Brad hicks on the latest piece of wacky from that Ker-Azey guy Bush.

So yes, if George W wakes up tomorrow and decides I’m an unlawful combatant, I can be abducted by the CIA, and held indefinitely without trial, and US law will, if this bill passes, be completely okay with this. I can be tortured in any one of a number of ways that the bill would not allow them to use on US citizens, and a few more that Amnesty protest about them using on their own. All of this could happen without the US government being forced to release any information as to whether I had been taken, what for, where they were holding me, what they were doing to me… let’s face it, anything.

George W has done this because he believes himself the defender of democracy and freedom in the world. If this bill passes, it will do more damage to global freedom than any act of terrorism in the last hundred years. I think it is the scariest piece of legislation I have ever seen, though I may not have been paying attention. It is the sort of legislation that dictators the world over have wet dreams about passing.

If Saddam Hussein had enshrined this kind of treatment in law, we would have excoriated him for it. Of course, he tortured his own people and kept schtum about it. He didn’t enshrine his right to do so in law. AFAIAA.


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