Memory jogging time…

Inspired by wickedthought‘s comments on Mamet, acting & roleplaying, can anyone remember who it was said “It is the duty of every player, including but by no means exclusively the GM, to entertain every player, including themselves”?

becuase I think that’s the crux of the “good roleplayer, bad player” problem he’s talking about.

I’m pretty sure I’ve previously mentioned a performace tutor at my alma mater who used the great phrase “Your theory’s showing” to method actors, etc. These folks would look down on us “results based” performers, as they called us. Why did they call us results based? Because our perfomances were geared towards their effect on the audience, not some internal “truth”. And our performances were watched and appreciated by people who knew nothing about art or artistic theory.

One of them is, as I’m sure I have said before, now in charge of UKTV Gold. And they told me there was no divine justice.

Meanwhile, My great fat face can be seen eating an enormous bar of chocolate on Jamie Oliver’s latest trailer. Lovely.


3 thoughts on “Memory jogging time…

    1. Hmm, that column is kind of tangential, in that it talks about characters rather than players. I’m sure what I said in the main post didn’t spring from my forehead like Athena, someone else said it first. In fact I’m sure many did, but I can’t find it now.

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