A couple of things…

To both people who look directly at my LJ, yes, I’m going to plus, advertising supported, selling out… Friends view unaffected.

Also, on the urging of Cy Dethan (Comic work available here), I have added “raconteur” to my description in my profile, and at my own request removed all the interests stuff from the personal information.

So, in a desperate attempt to find out if anyone’s actually reading this, and to try to force myself to do some creative work to build a portfolio, what would you like to see:

BTW, please note that I don’t have a gaming group at the mo, so playtest reviews of RPG’s, or indeed playtested games rules are probably not going to be forthcoming.

Yeah, some of these are part written, but they all need work.


4 thoughts on “A couple of things…

  1. I don’t know. I think maybe your approach is a bit problematic. I mean, a blog, and particularly a LiveJournal, is essentially a selfish, egotistical endeavor, right? People who’ve friended you are interested/curious about what you have to say. They’re not looking for you to perform some sort of content provider service. My advice is to do what most appeals to you at the moment, and if it doesn’t work out, do something else. What I mean is, do something that you can derive some pleasure from the doing. After all, if we allow that a blog is a selfish endeavor, you yourself are your most dedicated, steadfast reader. Please your base audience. That said, I’m a sucker for adult fiction.

    1. Heh, they all appeal, either in terms of what’s good for a portfolio, or what’s been eating my brain, or what some folks have shown an interest in. Furthermore, in order to get anything out by Saturday, I’ll be forced to work on all of them

  2. know how much or how little to include on your profile is a dangerous thing. tell an agent you play role-playing games and you are a writer – you can almost hear the death knell

    1. Pfft. If you’re that sort of RPG player / writer, they can tell from the opening paragraph, never mind the LJ profile.

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