Tom Frame, RIP

I mean, am I an utter comics nerd for being upset by this?

The man was THE letterer on the first god knows how many years of 2000AD. When they were doing their dumb strips of the “Droids” that produced 2000AD, Tom was always portrayed as the oldest droid on the block, kind of steam driven, but still insanely productive. Even more than Pat Mills, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Alan Moore… any of ’em, even Steve Dillon when he seemed to be drawing half the damn comic*, the name Tom Frame for me means 2000AD when I used to read it.

He was Also, IIRC, the guy who told aspiring comic writers never to call a character “CLINT” or use the word “FLICK”, as the lower line of the L could bleed into the bottom of the I, and your comic would get pulled form WH Smith.

Hot on the heels of the news about Tetsujin28, I could make some comments about it being a week to lose the good guys… but good guys are going every week. They were just two I had some connection with.


*My little brother sent in a mock up of a front cover of 2000ad at that time, entitled “STEVE DILLON featuring 2000AD.” For some reason it never got published…


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