So, Pete, how was Crete

Mind blowingly good… pictures over at

I am now tanned as unto a Greek god, and have apparently lost weight (though given the amount of walking and swimming we did, its probably more converted than lost).

The biggest of the big deals were jumping off a 35 odd feet cliff into the sea. Maybe not that big a deal… except if you’re phobic of heights. as I am.

And on top of that, Phaestos, Cnossos, the Iraklion museum (which, thankfully, is working to lose its reputation as the European museum with the best exhibits in the worst presentation… but still, if you didn’t have a guide book with you, youd miss the Phaestos disk, possibly the bull vase, almost certainly the bee necklace…)

And good, mostly healthy food. Sorry, cheap, good, mostly healthy… and total tolerance of kids running amuck on the beach while you eat it.

I mean, I was looking around Matala, where theres a good few tavernae, its geared to tourists in so much as theyre housed and fed, and I think, if this was Spain, you wouldnt be able to move for nightclubs and cafe freds with pictures of the queen mum… and people go on about how spoilt it is now. Pfft.

But here is what I dont get. German tourists on Crete. Is there a company that specializes in trips to countries where your relatives took part in atrocities before you got your arses kicked. Holidays in Cambodia for the US, tours of Burma for the Japanese, Crete for the Germans.

Still, lots of Brits on the hippy trail to Northern India…


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