WRT the Memento Mori prank and RPGnet…

RPGnet are pissed Jared didn’t tell them when they tried to arrange a fighting fund, AFAICS.

The trouble ticket is way more offensive than the prank in its wording.

April Fools has no rules, that’s the rule of April Fools.

I am famous as a guy who cannot, CANNOT, take a joke at his own expense; seriously, it was even a threat to my relationship with the wonderous Kelly early on.

Either I’ve mellowed, or this was a good gag.


4 thoughts on “WRT the Memento Mori prank and RPGnet…

  1. I’m not so sure it was a good gag. Had it been at the expense of people’s greed rather than their generosity I think it would have been better. So the fact that RPGnet have been offensive back, well, what did they expect?

      1. It’s probably the hat. With less heat escaping from the top of your head, you feel warmer and happier. That said, I’ve not got anything good to say about RPGnet since they removed the search feature and made the site unusable for me.

      2. I gave up after having the same assinine arguments every week. It took about two weeks.

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