What happens when an 85 year old gets thrown out of a party conference for heckling?

Everyone says how terrible it is, without one of the bastards engaging with the fact that he was protesting a war that all those bleating about him being thrown out of the conference also voted for.

Everyone says how terrible it is to treat an 85 year old that way, implying that if he were 30, or fifty, or 18, it would have been OK.

Everyone uses it to bash labour & blair for the surface, trivial actions, not the serious issues that the guy was actually protesting, the substance.

Every media organisation; shame on you for shoddy reporting. You have once again opted for the easy story instead of the difficult truth.

Every political party that has tried to make political capital out of this, shame on you for your hypocrisy, for you would have done exactly the same, and you have supported the very policies the man was protesting.

Hell, lets imagine for a moment, a heckler at a tory conference. what would be the point? At lib dem conferences, the hecklers are on stage.

Yes, I have spent much of the day shouting at the radio. In mitigation, marmosets are cute, and lemurs charming. Which helped.


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