Triggered by the estimable mikegentry

It was that whole “single guys not getting it” thing.

You see, today was kind of my first group Home Ed thing since going full time Dad; Kelly was there too (it co-oincided with her one day off this week).

Out of my earshot, one of Kelly’s friends told her she didn’t know how she could let me do that, as when her boyfriend “interferes” with raising the kids, it freaks her out.

Kelly politley informed her that, well, we’ve always been close (hell, people thought we’d been together for years when we’d only just met), and we actually, oddly enough, feel a lot better when we’re together, and kind of weird when we’re apart.

To which friend replies that it’s “Sad you don’t feel complete by yourself”.

Holy fucking crapola.

Kelly tried to explain, but she doesn’t think the friend got it: we’re together becuase it’s much better for us both that way. We’re happier. It’s not a fricking compromise to get kids, or get laid, or get help with the house. Each of us can cope without the other, we just don’t want to.

Makes me wonder what the frick her life is like with her boyfriend though.

Oh, and the other thing that stuck in my craw: Kelly’s kids? What am I, sperm guy now?

Oddly, I get the same sort of feeling with her that I get with conventional educating folks, only around adult relationships, not schooling. You see, most hostility to Home Ed comes from parents of conventionally educated children, exactly because home ed challenges complacency over schooling. “Oh, I know the school / system / teacher isn’t good, but what’s my alternative?” – with a wan smile…

In the sort of circles where home ed is goin on over in my part of the world, the general concensus about relationshpis is very much the fish-bicycle one. And when a couple comes in who are actually happy being with each other, fully sharing lives, happier with that than the single life… well, evidence that it can actually happen can completely piss off the folks who’ve given up on that dream.

Hell, maybe we’re smug about it. We’ve damn well earnt it. I mean, you know you’ve got something good when my mother says that she uses us as an example to other folks that it does happen.

My relationship with Kelly is not a compromise, it’s the first fucking prize in the lottery of life. Sorry, anyone who thinks that’s sad, or that it somehow diminishes us, but hey, y’all can still dance at my golden anniversary party.

It’s 24th July 2044. Bring your kids inheritance, I plan on spending ours.


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