Obligatory “who” post, you can set your calendar by them…

Well, the ballad of margaret slitheen (alias Boom Town), did not suck.

Well, not as badly I thought it would.

What I thought was going to be the plot was wrapped up in a few minutes… leaving the “What are we going to do with margaret?” story.

As regular readers will know, I like my plots with more character than arse kick for the new DW. This one certainly did…


  • Mickey gaining some self awareness, as does Rose, about consequences.
  • Wrapping up the pseudo plot by use of established mcguffins
  • Margaret was a lot better in this than WWIII
  • Shameless flirting between the Doctor & Jack early on


  • Well, err, why the heck do any of the crew have a problem with sending Margaret back for a death sentence? I’m no capital punishment advocate, but I think that perhaps, after an attempted genocide, maybe it’s warranted. Certainly, none of them batted an eylid to blowing the rest of the slitheen up on the previous occassion.
  • Deus Ex Machina ending, which, in ending what she was, erasing her personality is, in effect, a death sentence.
  • I know I like talky, but some of the talky was, IMHO, a bit trite and going through the motions.

Overall… a nice breathing space to prepare for the last episodes. (LAST EPISODES! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!)

But the very worst was the trailer for next week.

  • shit robots
  • shit parodies of shit tv shows
  • the big end of act2 reveal in the trailer. Feckery feckery feckery. Sack whoever approved this trailer.

Actually, I can probably see why they kept it: because if they kept the trailer to the bits before the reveal, no-one would have wanted to watch.

“Yes, we know it looks shit, but, errrm, DALEKS!”

There, I’ve said it. The Bad Wolf is, apparently, Emperor dalek, or Davros, or whatever. Get it, Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf…? Who’s afraid… oh never mind. Putting the Doc et al through reality TV.

Please, gods of TV, let me be wrong about this one as well, let’s get past the trailer material in the first ten minutes.

But as a warning to anyone yet to see it, watching it video-d DO NOT WATCH THE TEASER FOR NEXT WEEKS SHOW!

Trust me.


5 thoughts on “Obligatory “who” post, you can set your calendar by them…

  1. I trust you. I haven’t even read the cut yet because I haven’t seen Saturday’s episode yet. We always turn off before the end trailer anyway. What’s the point of a cliffhanger if they give the resolution away a minute later?

  2. I had low expectations, so I rather liked it. The end was a bit eh, and I’m getting a bit annoyed at the Mickey/Rose drama, but overall I was pleased, and I think it played well into the Doctor’s growing self-realization. Dropping in more canon bits like the stuck chameleon circuit and the TARDIS being alive were also welcome touches. Overall – it’s no “Dalek”, but it was enjoyable TV.

    1. Low expectations + decent script = fun 3/4 hour Low expectations + dire script + terrible acting… actually, I’m going to see episode 3 tonight…

  3. Just noticed that LJ stripped out the pseduo-tags around NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!! No prizes for guessing what they were

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