Pete is googlememed (from

Pete is a Menu Screen
Pete is the Real Deal!!!,
Pete is biased towards advertising on telly
Pete is what you would call the class clown
PETE is constructed so that the code above is translated into:  A[i] = -B[i] + 2 * C[i];
Pete is definitely a great athlete and usually very balanced
Pete is the greatest player of all time
Pete is one of the really huge talents working on the folk scene who has yet to be fully recognised for the outstanding quality of his work.
The Pete is a voracious predator, and has been seen stalking innocent bags of potato chips, bagels, and occasionally, a box of noodles
Pete is now out on DVD

(one of these is true of me…)

or even…
Peter Darby is to succeed Clive Littler as Finance Director
Sir Peter Darby is to retire
Peter Darby is a Consulting Engineer and thus well qualified to comment onmaterials and construction
Dr Peter Darby, is a Finnish citizen of British origin, born in 1926
Dr Peter Darby is based at HRI-Wye
Peter Darby is chairman of both of these committees
Peter Darby is in the 1952 Mar-Ken Yearbook as a Summer School student
Peter Darby is British, aged 54, he is Managing Director of Folkestone & Dover Water Services Limited and Director of a number of companies

But the final insult:

Your search – “pete darby is” – did not match any documents.


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