Obligatory Monday Dr Who post

Well, that rocked.

Okay, bits that didn’t make much sense (did the nanogenes re-write everybody’s brains to be that of the child, and if so, why the shuddering frell did they?), and a possible sighting of Eric Potts under a gas mask (showing his best side? Sorry, coudln’t resist…)

Buuuuuut… woo, yay and indeed hoopla.

Proper bats-arse technology (I ask you, how can you top a man in an RAF uniform in a space ship materialising a martini because the stasis field on the bomb he’s got in there with him is about to fail? Plus, gun that makes square holes and fills them up again, pixies nanogenes, the “sonic” argument…)

Plus that whole human emotion thing… teenage single mothers in the 1940’s, the very odd threesome now in the Tardis, black marketeering… And the sheer uncontained joy for the Doctor that, for once, everybody lives.

Now, how many folks were expecting the empty child to turn out to be Rose’s dad? Or possibly Annakin Skywalker (NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!)? Or Doc Constantine to turn out to know Rose’s family?

Idea: All those “fixed” by nanogenes have vastly increased lifespans… next time Rose goes back home, Constantine wants a word with her…

Anyway, heavy backstory episode next week… RTD, though. With the most embarassing of the slitheen. I’m not stoked for it, let’s say.

Then the episode with lots of injokes about BBC daytime TV… which, despite it resolving “Bad Wolf”, already has me in denial that it exists.

Meanwhile, to all those bitching that the Doctor tends to let others act this season… deary me, isn’t that the point? He is scared shitless of acting*. Last time he took decisive action, he destroyed his race and the Daleks, thorughout time, forever.

I sincerely hope that will come to bite him on the arse, soon.

*As in doing things, not as in thesping


4 thoughts on “Obligatory Monday Dr Who post

  1. I liked this episode rather a lot. Over the course of the show, I was debating about the Doctor’s new “dark” attitude – it’s very up-to-date and 21st century, but it’s not… you know, Doctor Who. The conflict was that I liked it (rather a lot), but I wasn’t sure it was the same character. The slow revelations about the Time War gave me insight that maybe this is not typical of him (or maybe, like 6, just this regeneration – I can imagine that regenerating right while your race is boiling away into a time paradox would make one terminally cranky), and this episode showed that I was right. His cry of “EVERYBODY LIVES!” was amazing, and showed that Eccleston can do more than snark and bitterness. This new trend of “disposable Companions” I’m still not sure on, though, and yet another adventure in 2006 South England with yet another Slitheen appearance has clocked in as the first new episode I haven’t been excited about (since even WW3 I was excited about, in hopes that the plot would, you know, make sense).

    1. Yeah, the rift coming back has cool possibilities, but Slitheen comeback is a big yawn: they remind me so much of when the Ferengi were the mysterious “big bad” of early ST:TNG. Which can be summed up as “is that IT? Is that the BIG THING? Oh FFS.”

  2. I liked this one loads. It was great pulpy nonsense just as DW should be. I think RTD likes to grind his axe more than Steven Moffat so he’s often chasing a joke rather than telling a story. Moffat’s whole bi thing was very good and belonged to the story, rather than appealing to some in joke. The whole Rose family conspiracy never occured to me. I was just going along with things. I guess there’s still time for it to turn up but I’d be happier if it didn’t.

    1. *clicks fingers* PULP! Of course! Hmmm… perhaps better than a family connection would be having Nancy turn up as a crusty, but surprisingly resourceful old bird in a contemporary episode… “Now, don’t give me any of that, Doctor. What, doncha remember me? Now, where’s yer time machine…”

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