Weird Dreams of Shatner

In my dream on Saturday night, William Shatner (who was HUGE, about 6’2″) hugged me and said I was the finest actor who ever lived.

And even in my dream, I was thinking… why did it have to be Shatner?


5 thoughts on “Weird Dreams of Shatner

  1. I keep having dreams about beating up famous actors. First it was Liam Neeson. Then, a week later, I threw Matthew McConaughey off a balcony.

    1. Now, if I had a dream about throwing Shatner out of a moving train, I may have been happier. Or Liam Neeson buying me a drink.

      1. Y’know, I think Shatner used to be pretty good as an actor, maybe even up until TJ HOOKER. I mean, we’re not talking top shelf, here, but a decent workman (of melodrama), at least. CU

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