Weirdness? Meaningless co-incidence?

Yes, this post is kind of interesting, but more interesting is the realisation that…

Cory Doctorow is exactly one week older than me.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I still check folks ages, just to keep tally on my “by this time in my life, I should have achieved…” paranoia.

For instance, I started playing guitar at, IIRC, 13, because I’d heard that Clapton didn’t start till he was 16, and I could say that I was 3 years better than Clapton at my age. You know, like “I have studied my kung-fu for 16 years!”

SO curse your black hide Doctorow! one week ahead of me, and you got the whole novelist, uber-geek blogger thing tied up!


5 thoughts on “Weirdness? Meaningless co-incidence?

    1. (frantically looks for an achievement I’ve managed that you haven’t…) Errm, yes, and I bet you’ve never… understudied the lead in a semi-pro community theatre production…?

      1. And you would win that bet! Now I just need to think of something I’ve done that Cory Doctorow’s never done. Hmmmmmm….

  1. Allow me to agree with the distinguished poster’s comment above of “Bastard.” I’m 35 also and I haven’t done anything. Some days I feel lucky to be able to make it out of bed in the morning and in to work without dying in a fireball somewhere.

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