The interview

1. Mustard or Ketchup on your dogs? And you better have the right fucking

Both. And Onions.

2. When you get to hell you get to choose to either spending
eternity playing the same Changeling adventure over and over or the punishment
of Prometheus, which do you choose?

Well, since I ain’t going to hell… Changeling. I can Groundhog day that one, play it different each time.

3. You just learned that you are the
anti-christ. What is your first step?

Roll to dsibeleive, take 20

4. You can have any animal in the
world as a pet. Which one do you take?


5. If it was true that everytime
you mastubated god did kill a kitten with strange purple
monsters, would you stop the sweet but forbidden pleasure?

Since I recently stopped being a vegetarian, if pigs, chickens and cows die for my pleasure, it would be hypocritical of me to save the kittens.


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