Meme: It wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t true.

If You Ruled the World: by oomarilynmonroe
national religion Jane BuddhistMuslimCatholicJewishProtestantAtheistAgnostic”yourname”ism!SexismAdult SwimismWiccaPaganismTarantinoism
Type of Government CommunismDemocracyFacismAnarchy(I know this doesn’t exactly make sense)RawlsismFuedal SystemMonarchy
How you take over You are voted into powerYou lead a millitary uprisingYou lead a slave uprisingYou string together a post apocalyptic societyYour father was king
You would name it
You would overthrow chadu
Your second in command would be ad1066
Your sex slave is gbsteve
Commander of the military: bruceb
Put to death for insubordination cartoon_goblin
Figure head in the puppet government miss_mcdonald
You are overthrown by docbrite
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Chad: I did it for the best. You were beginning to write less that 5K words a week, it was a mercy coup.
GB Steve: Sorry, dude. Miss Macdonald said no.
Bruceb: Since the military runs on D20, I needed someone who understood that shit and freaky Nobilis shit too. There was only one candidate.
Goblin: You were warned.
Overthrown? Willingly gave up reigns of power to be ruled over by Hawt Vamp Bisexuals who really know Louisiana food & drink. Who wouldn’t. Not Tony Blair, for one.


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