Things that are hacking me off a little

1. The fact that my director is in the New Dr Who…
2. Several Cow-Irkers
3. The discussions over on anyway that are still fixed in the actor / writer for one character mode,l futzing around why we should care about scenes our character isn’t in.

I tried writing a response over there, but it kept coming out too hostile, so I’m sticking it over here: for collaborative, co-authored play, we can take this idea of “I’m a player and I play my character and nothing else” and put it through the shredder. We don’t fucking need it any more.

We’re all here to make the best experience for all of us, right? We all care about what happens to everyone, right? The reason I am “playing” Ian in Family Valuables (or whatever we’re calling it) isn’t because he is me, or my pawn, or my sole means of representing myself in that world. It’s because, given the set up for the series, I made Ian up out of my ideas of what would be a fun character for the series, one that would get caught up in maximum pain while still being sympathetic.

Now, if anyone else has ideas for Ian, bring them on! If I don’t like them, I’ll say so, but if the rest of the group finds them fun, well, okay, maybe I’m wrong, let’s give it a whirl. Same with staging, framing, and external plot elements. Yes, they’re supposed to be primarily the job of the producer to manage, but if I’ve got a kick ass idea for the framing of Ian’s next scene, do I keep quiet? Do I hell!

And what if I have a kick ass idea for another protagonists scene, do I keep quiet? Damn I hope not.

And that’s how we keep “invested” in “other people’s scenes”. Because we invite everyone else to contribute to “our” scenes as well. Because we state that we, as players, are collaborators striving to make the best story we can. Because there are no “other people’s scenes”, they are all ours.

Why do I have a thing for PtA so much? Because the model it uses, the development process for a dramatic, character based TV series, is the best non-RPG analogue for my dream RPG that exists. A group of talented, literate folks bouncing ideas off each other to make the best story they can together. It’s not about modelling the end product as much as the process by which they’re made.

And it lets out the big secret about story telling. That it’s not difficult. That you don’t need big ass, top down story structures, or the journey of the hero plotted in 12 acts. You just need folks with issues and one damn thing after another. And that’s been forgotten by so many TV series, especially in Genre TV… but that’s another rant.

4. They’re not giving me tap shoes.
5. Kelly Still Away

But keeping me happy…

1. Nice notes on Roosevelt scene in 2nd dress (despite comparisons to Ironside / Brian from Phoenix Nights)
2. A wig that doesn’t look too silly (despite comparisons to John Craven / Bill Clinton / Daytime TV presenter)
3. Gorgeous well behaved kids.


One thought on “Things that are hacking me off a little

  1. Dude, you’re a player to praise. While — when handled poorly — offering suggestions to other players and the GM can seem pushy, usually it’s all good. No tap shoes? Barbarians. CU

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