The beard is going….


Pictures when available.

Donations to Comic Relief…


3 thoughts on “The beard is going….

  1. You’re a braver man than I. People keep asking me to cut my hair, which is pretty much down to my belt, for charity. I guess I wouldn’t mind dying it red or something but the chop is a stop too far for me.

    1. Well, it had to go for Daddy Warbucks / Roosevelt anyway… I’m worried. My missus has never seen me bald-faced. Been with her 10.5 years… The hair went a couple of years ago ,when it was obvious that I had “lovely long hair all down my back. None on my head, just down my back…” My son’s looking forward to it, as he says he’ll be like mini-me.

      1. I had a shave about 3 weeks after we started going out, also about 10 years ago, and my wife didn’t like it so I’ve been hirsute ever since. So you’ll be able to that whole song and dance routine? I’d hope Junior Would look up to me, Run the buisness of the family Head an evil empire, Just like his dear old dad Give him my love and the things he never had C’mon, it’s for charidee!

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