Widening call for players…

Okay, since my FtF game is dead on it’s arse, I put out a call for online players amongst the observers of the group… and got no response.

So, widening ever so slightly, here’s a call for players. It’s kind of a mush of two posts to the yahoo group (http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/serenwyn/)

Everybody. Yes, YOU! The background for the Serenwyn campaign is,IMHO, rich enough to concurrently run some PBeM or PB Forum, and I’m happy to run using any of the following rulesets:
HeroQuest (natch)
Primetime Adventures (Serenwyn: the mini-series)
Lexicon (could be fun)
… or, indeed, anything that you folks could suggest.

Now the Caveats, about my time commitments. I’m going to be in the local production of Annie, but hopefully in such a capacity that I
don’t resent the time it takes. However, as goes online gaming, where there’s a will, there’s a narrativist GM with a
shedload of pre-prep…

Here we go with suggested options…

Firstly, play methods:

1) PBeM; Play by e-mail. Possibly not directly through the group, but it could be fun for “full disclosure”
2) PB Forum, probably through RPG.net
3) PB Chat: The Yahoo page has a chat client built in
4) PB Wiki: we’ll get onto a variation of this later, but still viable for some game systems: does involve me installing a wiki though.

Obviously, the chat is most like ftf play, but bear in mind the options

Over and above that, we have the system options, with some explanation and salesmanship:

1) HeroQuest
most folks here should be familiar with the system, though J&J have only used simple contests so far. Would work well in all but wiki, IMHO.

2) Primetime Adventures:
structures campaigns like TV series: each character is defined more by their issues than their abilities, and influence over events shifts with the focus character each session, and with approval from other players. Players have a great deal of control over framing scenes & conflicts.
Probably best Chat if not face to face.

3) Universalis
the game where “everyone’s the GM”; there are no “priveliged positions” of play, characters are transferable between players. Has a
little in common with the Hogshead short form games(Pantheon, Munchausen), but FAR more rigorous and flexible in application. Can suit any of the above methods

4) Lexicon
The wiki game: Players take the roles of later “scholars” writing an encyclopaedia-like report on an incident in the past.

There’s other options, but we drift further away from serenwyn (and glorantha), and more to my little gaming obsessions as we go through them: Sorcerer & Sword, My Life with Master, Dead inside, Dust Devils…

Anybody want to pitch in and express a preference, a tell me more, an ahh ferget it…?


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