new years address, review of 2004, etc etc

This year I have

  • acted with
    • Ron Moody,
    • Edward Woodward,
    • Daniel McPherson (Neighbours, The Bill),
    • George Wood ( CBBC “I Dream”.he will be big),
    • Joseph McManners (the new child prodigy of opera, see the BBC Little Prince for evidence)


  • been
    • Mr Bumble,
    • the Prophet Abraham and
    • Joseph, the father of Jesus (pending DNA testing)


  • written a novel (first draft at W W W dot work_in_progress dot blogspot dot com) in 29 days,
  • written a kids story that deserves to be huge (becasue I nicked the ideas from my 6 year old son),
  • celebrated ten years with Kelly in a self written ceremony held in Wildwood

… it’s been a funny sort of a year.

We’ve spoiled the kids rotten this christmas, and now Alex is going to be home schooled (becasuse he learnes as much in a day at home with Kelly as in a week at school).

The money for next Xmas holiday has gone to the Tsunami fund (because we had to).

Aims for the year: lose weight, learn to drive, start the druid course, re-write the novel & submit it, write another novel, write a bevy of kids stories and submit them


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