Preferences for gaming: part 1 of an ongoing series

If we’re gaming, we’re gaming

Thwacked from Matt Snyder et al on the Forge. I’ve taken one of my few nights with my partner out to play this game, and I’m damned if the effort I’ve made to prep it is going to be wasted as less important than something else going on that evening, be it socializing, or even TV. I’ll save it for when your interested, thanks.

Which is kind of a subset of…

This game matters

Again, it’s taking time and effort from other things, so lets make it matter. Lets care about the characters and their adventures. Let’s care about the world, let’s care about our attitude to it.

Let’s talk

No, I don’t know what you want from the game. Nor do you know what I want, unless we talk about it.

More another time


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