More child comedy genius…

Overtired child on a busy train playing with dinosaur

Alex (waving dino in my face) {silly high pitched voice} Hellloooo, my name’s poopy-head!
Me (fatigue induced sarcasm) That’s nice what’s you dinosaur called?
Al: (thinks…) … Fred?

Most other children, heck most other people would sulk and say “No, I’m not a poopy head, my dino’s called poopy head.”

Alex rolls with it like the little improvisational genius he is.

So, yes, the train journey was coming back from a seven hour trip to the Natural History Museum, one of the most beautiful buildings in London, never mind it’s contents. A secular cathedral if there ever was one. We went in at opening time, left at closing time, which has been an ambition of mine since I was Alex’s age, and still didn’t see everything (missed the whole of the earth galleries, the special exhibition, and the basement, which I’m now told is packed with kids activities).

A brilliant, brilliant day, though, kids thoroughly occupied for the whole time. Only had to sell two major organs to pay for the sandwiches & tea.

Ah, so what else….

Mystery Plays… well, turned out the best damn performance of my life on the last night of the creation: sadly, the DVD has an early run performance, with Joe, who didn’t work as hard on his performance as Chris. And goddamn I look fat. I mean, it works, huge guy threatening tiny person with knife, but DAYUM.

Hence my plan to put the incredibly dull weight blog as an irregular feature.

Recent acquisition: Dead Inside. Thematically similar to Sorcerer, but from a quite different set of influences, and chock full of player driven nar goodness, and groovy ideas on each page. Another game that mutters “play me”, not “read me”.

Soooo, looking to browbeat the group into one of…

1. Dead Inside
2. Sorcerer
3. Universalis
4. Primetime Adventures (when the copy turns up)
5. HeroQuest
6. Noblis
7. Dust Devils
8. MLwM
9. MegaTraveller

Those are just the ones I’m buzzed to play, not the ones I wouldn’t mind running. On my one night a week of RP’ing.

Of course, they’ll now say they can’t do Tuesdays or something…


2 thoughts on “More child comedy genius…

  1. Found this via NaNoWrimo…via Blogspot…via Xanga. We have a mutual Xanga chum in Josie Henley. I checked out your details on NaNo as i was looking for NaNoers in Canterbury for my friend to hang with. He’s an aspiring novelist who really needs to do NaNo this year in the wake of his first manuscript being rejected. I’m trying to persuade him, but it’s like getting blood from a stone. He works at UKC. Small world of coincidences here…

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