My genius child

Getting Alex changed after his dance lesson

Me: Do you want to go to Pizza Hut for lunch
Alex: Yeah… It’s much better than Paper Hut/
Me: Huh?
Alex: The food’s all paper there.
Me: Still it’s better than Broccoli Hut… or Even Brussel sprout hut.
Alex: Ha!
Me: Would you like a Stuffed crust sprout with extra pepperoni?
Alex: What was that one… Elephant Hut?
Me: Yeah, where the elephants serve your food with their trunks
Alex: Only you have to watch out if the waiter’s got a cold
Me: He’ll sneeze and fire your pizza across the room
Alex: And cover it in Elephant snot!
Me: Euuurgh!
Alex: But it’s better than the other place
Me: What other place
Alex: Elephant’s Bum Hut
Me: WHHAAATTT!!!?!?!?
Alex: Where the elephants pick up your food with their bums and poop (trans: fart) it onto your plate
Me: (five minutes breathless convulsive laughter)
Alex: You know what’s next door to that? It’s much worse
Me: What?
Alex: Pig’s Bum Hut
Ruth: COW POOPY HUT! (she has been giggling like a loon for some time before this)

elephant’s bum hut: my child is a comedy genius. He’s six in November, Ruth was three in June.


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