Quick updates…

Well, Saturday was up their, one of the top days of my life. Below births of kids and first kiss, but damned if I can find any others (first curtain call of Oliver comes nearest, but still not a competition).

Started the day with mock sword fights with Alex in Wild wood waiting for others.

Kelly was so completely beautiful in the dress, absolutley perfect.

The not-a-wedding handfasting was great, and only improved by Alex taking his shoe off just when he was needed (trickster spirit, we love you – now go away again!)

I didn’t cry, which was amazing, I’m such a blubberer normally.

Nicest thing anyone’s said is that it was the most sincere betrothal people had seen – well of course it was. We ended up with no-one to tell us what “had” to be in the ceremony, what “couldn’t” be in it, exactly the “right” words to say. We said what we meant, meant what we said, and that was that.

Then crammed with excellent food, a simmering level of alcohol for the rest of the night (towards the end someone told me “you should be drunk now” but I think I had 4 pints of beer, 2 glasses of wine and a Pimms all told), wonderful first dance, fantastic live band… really, as near to perfect as you couldn’t see the join.

Bearing in mind it was in a different venue, without a celebrant and with a different band compared to the original plan, serendipity has been our friend.

The come down to mundanity has been a bastard though…. and, in contrast, this weekend will consist of almost 24 hours of tech rehearsal for the mystery plays. Until then, dealing with idiots on user support…


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