Problems I have with the whole neo-pagan thing

1. Respect for ancestors shades into….

a. presumption that they knew more, or at least were wiser than us
b. convenient sidelining of recent ancestors, such as parents, who are plainly jerks, and the whole grand section of ancestors who either actively persecuted pagans or thought paganism, mysticism, gnosticism, or whatever was a bunch of dingoes kidneys

I respect dead folks as much as live folks: I respect them enough to say that I wouldn’t agree with most of them, nor they with me. Like wisdom from far away, wisdom from dead, and often suppressed folks, is infected with a meme that says older wisdom is better, suppressed is better, obscure is deeper…

It gets even more frustrating than taking a position against a text: at least the test says something you can disagree with, the wisdom of the ancients is fuzzy, ill-defined, deliberately obscurantic and/or obscured and subject to judicious editing. In fact, it looks these days a lot like the product of modern minds trying to apprehend the mystic, but using the meme’s and props of the 19th century’s view of antiquity.

It just frustrates me, because I can see how meditation and mental groves and the idea of the awen fit very well with my attempts to apprehend the intangible… but it sometime feels like discussing modern critiques of Campbell at a Star Wars convention.

Thinks… is this how Chris Lerich feels around the Forge?

more whining tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Problems I have with the whole neo-pagan thing

  1. Hi Pete, Chris (bankuei) from the Forge, here. Just wandering around the friends of friends on the LJ thing. Spirituality, like all things, has a place. Also, like anything else, you’ll find confused, ignorant folks, people using it to boost their egos, or trying to get over on someone else. Don’t be surprised, like anything involving people, you’ll find the same issues and benefits anywhere else.

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