Spiritual tourist

You know, I may become a druid.

I keep getting tangled up in discussions with militant atheists and agnostics, who get themselves bent out of shape denying the spiritual impulses of humanity, claiming that anyone claiming any spiritual experience or curiosity is a fool, a charlatan, craxy or any combination thereof…

And I realised that they’re insulting a great many people that I have a great deal of respect, admiration, and, let’s get new age here, love for.

It includes folks like Greg Stafford, Andrew Rilstone, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Philip Pullman, Dr Rowan Williams, MJ Young, Robin D Laws, Neil Gaiman…

But when I get confronted by the realisation that I have spiritual, even, dare i say it, religious impulses, I get confronted by my various horrors of various movements.

The people of the book (Jews, Christians, Moslems) seem ties to doctrine derived too much from ancient texts, in a very literal sense. Actual words set down by fallible humans claiming to be channeling the great I AM. So either you’re down with the fundamentalists with the text, or you’re picking and choosing what seems to make sense to you… so why the text?

Buddhism… aims to disengage with the world. Bit too far with the spiritual, I got a world to live in here. sure, most Buddhists I met have been cool & funky, but no.

So if my spirituality is DIY, why not join up with the other folks who admit they’re DIY’ing from the bits that appeal.

Especially since they seem to be having more fun…


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